Cultural Festivals

Art and culture are the ingredients to confront people in a positive way and to get acquainted with the dynamics and diversity of contemporary society. Ducos Productions has built up an extensive international network over the years. Ducos Productions has an excellent expertise in interesting and high-quality programs in the fields of music, theatre, poetry and spoken word for any audience. As an organizer and producer of Night at the Park, Parkpop The Hague and Rotterdam Unlimited we keep working full time on large-scale public events and festivals of (inter) national format with an annual reach over 1.2 million visitors.

Most of the events of Ducos Productions take place in the region Rotterdam and the Hague, however the company also operates in other cities in the Netherlands and abroad. The events of Ducos are mainly its own productions, but the company also operates on commissioned projects. The events are not limited to annual one or multi-day festivals, before and after programs, and community building, but are active throughout the entire year. In addition to the cultural role the multiple events of Ducos fulfill, the company also fulfills an important role in maintaining and the development of a sustainable society. A scientific research on the social impact on one of the events of Ducoes Productions has shown that it scores well on the main dimensions of social cohesion, solidarity, togetherness and diversity.

Where research towards the impact of festivals generally stops at the economic significance and data about public and income, Ducos conducted a study on the social impact of their festivals. The conclusion of the research is that this event of Ducos realises important qualitative goals such as social cohesion (the outcome of the research is available on request).

Ducos’ own productions are:

1. Parkpop Downtown
2. Parkpop Den Haag
3. Rotterdam Unlimited
4. Zomercarnaval Rotterdam
5. Latin Weekender

NB: The above events attract an average of 1.2 million visitors annually.

For questions about one of our events, requests for cooperation, application for support for existing events or developing new events, you can report here and we will contact you.
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