Artist bookings

Imagine organizing a festival and you want to stand out from the many festivals in the Netherlands. You have an incredibly good concept, you have everything figured out technically and financially, but then? How do you find the right artists? Of course, you can contact some artists just by typing their name into Google, but it is significantly more complicated if you want to a internationally known artist.

First, the artist fee. It depends on many factors. Is the artist on tour? Is it a exclusieve show? Does the artist have anything to promote? And what about the taxes in this? What is and what is not? Foreign agents, if you can find any, often will not respond or send you a negative one-liner because they simply don't know you. In addition, most foreign agents work with reputable agencies in the Netherlands, such as Mojo Concerts.

DUCOS Productions can offer a solution. Because of the many festivals in various genres, which DUCOS Productions organizes the past 30 years, we have built a broad global network when it comes to live performers. Since DUCOS Productions has been a reliable and consistent partner, we have access to a wide range of artists from all over the world; from Femi Kuti and Seckou Keita to Kool & The Gang, Wyclef Jean and many others.

With its growing international network of people and artists from all sides of the industry, DUCOS Productions is able to file your application for any international artist*. For more information about artist bookings, please contact Claudia Raven.

* Subject to availability
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