The festival season in retrospect

It's over, people. Well almost — the last chimes of the summer festival season can be heard in the distance.

After two weeks of doing absolutely nothing at all, my mind and body had a perfect reset, after this rollercoaster festival season. A summary? -
For instance, you could have channeled your inner wild thing with the stunning backdrop of the Zuiderpark in The Hague for a weekend of nature, quality music and partying. You could have kicked things off with a cheeky wine or beer on Saturday, before heading to watch headliners UB40 and Duran Duran (ao) doing their mind-blowing thing at Night at the Park.
Besides these killer acts (and others!), there would have been the need to pamper your inner self and guess what, Night at the Park is also that; foodie’s paradise with a huge array of delicious dishes.

On Parkpop, on Sunday, in the same stunning park setting, you would have started with a hair of the dog and slowly get back in that festival groove you were after in the first place. The one and only Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark headlined this day, preceded by Ben Miller Band and many more. Parkpop is a family friendly affair. Here’s a real community atmosphere as the 200.000 visitors (approx.) find each year their way to the Zuiderpark. The music on the main stages tend to steer towards pop and rock, but is also known for vibrant unexpected musical follies. There were other stages and areas you could have explored, boasting varying genres and disciplines.

On the other hand, if you had been after a more multi-cultural, multi-sensory experience, then Rotterdam Unlimited would have been the festival for you. This year’s eclectic line-up included reggae legends Gentleman & The Evolution and the ultimate godfather of funk Mr. George Clinton, along with world artists from Morocco, Surinam, Turkey, Spain and China. There would have been a jaw dropping parade, right through the city Centre, there would have been various after parties, spoken word, hiphop and a Post Apocalyptic Queer Beauty Pageant.

Unfortunately Rotterdam Unlimited experienced on Saturday 25th of July the full wrath of Mother Nature when a freak meteorological event produced the fiercest storm in summer since decades. Obviously, as befits a professional organization, we always have safety as a number one priority, so at the point a decision had to be made, we decided to cancel the event. Safety first!
As you can imagine, this was a huge operation, but we pulled it off brilliantly. Disappointment came next, as soon as one realizes what could have been and what we all had missed: something truly epic!

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